Nasim Wesley - BA Dip(Psych) MClinPsych


Nasim Wesley is a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist.She has 25 years’ experience treating children, adolescents and their families, as well as adults.  Nasim has encountered a wide-ranging and complex array of psychological, behavioural, educational, developmental and family difficulties through her experience in child and adolescent mental health teams; the child and family team at Vision Australia; as a school psychologist in an independent girls’ school and in private practice.

Nasim believes that all behaviour has meaning; that for some people, learning to think differently is not enough to effect lasting change.  If you or your child is struggling with a behaviour or anxiety that is interfering with the ability to work or study, to make and maintain relationships, or to cope with the normal ups and downs of life, Nasim can help you make sense of what is happening.  She believes that working together with you, unhelpful ways of thinking can be observed, rigid patterns of behaviour can be noticed and understood, and that it is this process that can lead to real change.

Anxiety, depression, difficulties in developing or maintaining personal relationships, learning difficulties at school, experiences of grief and loss are among the many issues with which she has experience in helping adults, children, adolescents and their families.